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LavaX recently hosted an ask-me-anything (AMA) session with Vmates, a NFT game that takes the form of a virtual pet that can be interacted with by users with the overarching theme of social-oriented gameplay. Hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, Vmates takes virtual pets and establishes them as NFTs on the blockchain. This represents a fantastic bridge between the virtual world and the real world while having a unique gamified experience, including a multitude of features, interactions, token utilities, and more. With these NFT pets, they can be adopted, nurtured, and much more. The LavaX team sat down with Yuan, founder of Vmates to talk about the upcoming IDO launch and to learn more about its mission.

The Vmates IDO will launch on December 17, 2021.


LavaX: Tell us what Vmates is all about and how it’s going to change the way we look at NFTs gaming?

Vmates (Yuan): Vmates (MATE) is a social game for developing NFT virtual pets based on blockchain technology. In Vmates, players can participate in the cultivation of NFT virtual pets, interactions, and a series of games with social attributes, and build their own homes and commercial facilities in the PLAZA social square. Existing NFT projects are mainly concentrated in vertical fields covering games and artworks. Vmates, which integrates NFT and social, is committed to the NFT virtual pet + social square function. Vmates will undoubtedly have an immense future and be a project that cannot be ignored while bringing a new perspective to the next wave of NFT outbreaks.

LavaX: What do you hope people feel and experience when joining the Vmates community?

Vmates (Yuan): Vmates can provide users not only interactive NFT collections but also a complete set of social Meta-universe platform. Users can incarnate as part of this platform at any time while cultivating and giving life to their virtual pets. NFT pets are combined into one, therefore, enjoying the benefits and fun brought by participating in social interaction or construction.

LavaX: Tell us a bit about your experience working with LavaX?

Vmates (Yuan): From our past experience working with LavaX, we can definitely say LavaX is the most responsible and has the best communication experience! It’s our honor to be able to cooperate with LavaX team, no matter for IDO or Marketing, and we are really looking forward to bringing Vmates successfully to our players together with LavaX team.

LavaX: Talk to us a little bit about the process of adopting your first NFT pet and what features and activities it has?

Vmates (Yuan): Initial players can get their initial white attribute NFT pets for free through companionship and the use of MATE tokens to purchase props, costumes and dress up, etc. In based system cultivate, pets will achieve attribute promotions, and any pet can from its initial stage. The white attribute level has the potential to grow into higher-level attributes such as: green attribute, blue attribute, and purple attribute. Through development, the value of pets will continue to be improved. After pets reach the blue attribute, they can participate in the social square or be added to the market as part of the transaction. In addition to the initial development of pets, Vmates will also cooperate with well-known IPs to launch limited-edition cherished pets with the lowest attribute in blue and support the use of MATE tokens for purchase. The highest golden attribute pets in the early stage will only be available by purchasing precious IP joint names. This box is obtained to ensure the stability of the value of some precious and rare NFT pets.

LavaX: What makes Vmates different from the competition in terms of features and community value?

Vmates (Yuan): Whether it is a work of art or a virtual pet, NFT can give it a unique identity and help it make the leap from the digital world to the real world. What Vmates needs to do is to open a two-way communication bridge between the two worlds through NFTpets and social interactions. Vmates innovates in the development of the NFT pet + social concept with users as the core, building and expanding social topics based on virtual pets. It facilitates communication, collaboration and socialization between gamers. Users benefit from a series of functions of the social square to jointly build the NFT social Meta-verse. Together, Vmates will keep moving forward with players by launching out what players want, retaining more and more players then creating profit for all.

LavaX: Is there anything special you’d like to share with the LavaX community as we head into 2022?

Vmates (Yuan): Vmates will integrate into the Ethereum chain, realize the interoperability of multi-chain tokens, launch the PLAZA social square and launch value-added service packages; meanwhile ten separate social games will be online inside the PLAZA in 2022, please stay tuned!


We hoped you enjoyed our AMA with Vmates. Stay tuned for whitelisting details!

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