How to participate in the Vmates IGO

LavaX Labs
2 min readMay 4, 2022


We are less than 24 hours away from our first IGO! The LavaX team has put together a guide to participating in the Vmates IGO.

➡️ Visit and click KYC

➡️ Once you’ve gone through the process and your wallet has been identified, return to and click PARTICIPATE

➡️ You will then be directed to the Vmates IDO page and participate in the minting of the NFT

➡️ Click on the ‘Create Account’ button to connect your wallet (MetaMask or Other Wallet).

➡️ To open the mystery egg, you need to have an EGG TOKEN first. So please click on the “MY EGG TOKEN” button on the opened page to check your account.

➡️ If you don’t have any EGG Token, click the link that says ‘HERE’ to buy it.

➡️ When you own at least one EGG TOKEN, you can go back to the Index page and click on the ‘Open Mystery Egg’ button to get your first Vmates Pet.

➡️ Congratulations! You have completed your IGO purchase!

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