Introducing: LaunchX

A decentralized and fair blockchain-agnostic launchpad

The Future of Launchpads

LaunchX is a multi-chain decentralized IDO launchpad platform. It drives the next generation of projects to launch in an equitable and decentralized manner across multiple blockchains.

LaunchX is community-driven, governance-based, and transparent. Our community runs LaunchX through a first-of-its-kind DAO protocol, so you can actually engage with the projects to dictate how they are launched (and if they will get launched at all). Not only are we unique in the fact that our launchpad allows multiple chains, but we also make the listing process in itself uniquely transparent and fair.

A Blockchain-agnostic Launchpad

LaunchX will bridge the crypto world in a truly novel, innovative way, using full cross-chain integration. We’re starting with our native chain Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum, and are soon expanding to Polkadot & Solana.

Here’s our 2021 plan for advancing the LaunchX platform:

Q3-specifics depend on Wormhole & Polkadot*

By the end of the year, we will support cross-chain launches for IDOs and staking. At the same time, we’re closely looking at NFT offerings.


We give users the opportunity to back the projects they want to see on LaunchX. This is how it works:

  1. Projects will have to come along and apply throughout our application process.
  2. We assist those projects with submitting a warm temperature check. We kick off a vote, and the community gets notified the vote is present.
  3. After that first vote gets passed by the majority, an official proposal is submitted. We’ll assist the projects again and notify the community. The official proposal voting happens on-chain.
  4. If the official proposal gets passed, the team works with them to set up a launch.

Those projects will also get thoroughly assessed and analyzed by industry-leading specialists in a wide array of industries, from legal to financial to marketing. This process strictly only allows for the strongest and legitimate projects with the highest potential to feature.

As you probably know, most centralized projects charge fees and put those in their own pockets. With our decentralized launchpad, a vast majority of the fees are deposited into a vault and leveraged into passive APY strategies. Governance holders can then delegate their tokens for staking in exchange for a passive APY of the yield. Only a small portion of the fees goes into a development fund, which is on-chain and verifiable. The development costs are transparently presented to the governance in the form of a monthly report.

With LaunchX, we’re creating a paradigm shift in fair and transparent public launches

Get Ready for the Launch

We have already completed our private funding round with a star-studded cast of reputable VCs. Click here to read more about our raise.

Every day we’re receiving many, many questions about our public token sale. We will communicate more details through our official channels. Follow LaunchX to remain up-to-date and to learn everything you need to know about the platform and its developments. Exciting news is coming soon!

We’re targeting innovative projects with solid prospects and strong teams. Apply here for the possibility to gain access to an exclusive cross-chain launchpad!

The Future of Launchpads