Kaizen Partnership

LavaX announces partnership with Kaizen Finance

Hi LavaX family!

As we have officially entered 2022, we want to thank our entire community for a great 2021. We would also like to officially announce our partnership with Kaizen Finance!

By partnering with Kaizen Finance, LavaX Labs will create a seamless system for issuing tokens on LavaX and setting parameters for IDOs without having to engage development resources elsewhere. A one-stop site for token launches that combines the LavaX platform with Kaizen’s codeless and secure infrastructure.

As a result of this partnership, LavaX can now launch Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana blockchains as a launchpad platform, which helps to create standardization and flexibility. LavaX will also offer IDOs on several different blockchain networks. Users will be able to track their token activity and receive incentives for members of the DAO (token holders). Furthermore, they will be able to use the Kaizen system to its full capacity. Projects will be able to issue tokens to IDO members based on several criteria including staking vested tokens, locking team tokens, and percentage releases.

The Kaizen Finance network will give LavaX users the option to swap tokens and lock DAO tokens, enabling a clean, transparent DAO structure. The protocols developed by Kaizen and its top-tier development team will allow users to take advantage of the DAO experience and capture greater value for token holders while giving peace of mind knowing that their cryptocurrencies are secure, with professional oversight.

This partnership stands for synergy and value-creation for the entire LavaX community.

Learn more about LavaX on our website.

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