LavaX Community Update #004

It has been a little over a month now since our last LavaX Community Update, where we announced the very first projects to be launched on our platform.

Much has happened internally since our last update, and we’d like to give you a recap of what’s happened, what’s going on now and our plans moving into the future.

Where We Are

LavaX is a development heavy project by design, we have a very long technology roadmap that will continue to evolve as we look to stay ahead of the evolutionary curve. Due to this we have a very extensive program of work on the development build.

When the market turned negative we made the decision to go focus on the technology and business development side, of course we wanted to be further ahead than we are but we are building for the long term and it’s important not to get too focused on the short term just to satisfy demand if we feel it’s not in the best interests of our project and community.

Of course, all projects face hurdles on their journey and challenges in the early stages, and while plenty of them drop the ball, we as a team have been engaged in this space for many years now and nothing will affect our laser-focus on building the best project and value for our community.

The founding members of the ecosystem DAO have deep roots in top-tier IDO platforms as advisors and partners. Having the LavaX DAO and the deep pocket of resources it comes with instills confidence that the most exciting days are yet to come.

The Road Ahead

Our goal has always been to bring high-performing projects to LavaX, and we’re on track to do just that. DinoX — the first Beta Pre-IDO on our platform — was 45 times the IDO price at their highest point.

At this moment, several projects are lined up to be pushed out by the middle of September. By then, we’ll be ready with our Front-end UI deployed, KYC process fully integrated, and basic IDO functionality (lottery system) set up and ready to be used. We’ll also be able to host IDOs on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

We’ve just started a 13-week development sprint, which will include many additional features added to our platform. Some of these include functionality involving staking, yield-farming and the LavaX Power Program.

V2 follows shortly after.

Finally, we have one final news flash. We will undergo a name change in the near future. LavaX — will be changed into something different, we want our new name to encapsulate our overall vision which is to help support and accelerate our partner projects that come through our Launchpad. We want to emphasize that establishing and maintaining a high-value brand is among our top priorities.


Thank you for your support

We want to thank everyone in our community for being here, showing interest and support.

Just know, this is only the beginning. We want to move fast, but more importantly, we want to make sure we do everything right. As we’ve said since the start, we’re in here for the long run.

As always, if you have any questions about how to be actively engaged, head on over to our Telegram, and we’d be happy to support you with any questions you have.

LavaX is a decentralized multi-chain IDO launchpad platform, allowing for its community of users to get access to allocations in newly launched projects at the ground floor. Currently available with both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain-based tokens, LavaX drives the next generation of projects to launch in a fair and decentralized manner across multiple chains.

Learn more about LavaX on our website.

Stay up to date with LavaX news and developments on our Twitter, Telegram Chat & Telegram Announcement Channel



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