Libre, IDO, Tiers & Application Form

We at LavaX Labs are excited to announce our first IDO the DeFi platform, Libre!

As part of this launch, we are also pleased to announce that the LavaX DAO has helped create a new tier system! Read below for more details.

First up, let’s get you up to speed on Libre.


On-chain analytics show DeFi adoption is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Users are tired of traditional returns as they watch consumer prices increase and their “premium savings” accounts routinely outperformed by inflation.

DeFi on the other hand allows those same users to generate passive income with much higher yields than a savings account without exposing their assets or investments. It allows users to become their own banks and the makers of their own financial destiny.

With DeFi users become liquidity providers, who, like banks, receive a fee every time their assets are traded. In addition, DeFi protocols often provide incentives for joining liquidity pools, which allows for even more opportunities for passive income.

All together it’s no surprise DeFi is becoming more popular, but it’s clear there’s a pitfall: DeFi can be overwhelmingly complex. Which liquidity pool do you join? Which incentives maximize yield?

This is where Libre DeFi comes in.

Libre’s innovative products will allow new DeFi users to earn passive yield without needing to go through the painstaking process of providing liquidity and everything that comes with it.



Libre will lower the barriers to DeFi and allow users to craft their own financial destiny with streamlined tools and incentives.

Visit Libre’s website for more details!

Find out more about the Libre IDO happening on November 8th by heading to THIS LINK.



Libre’s IDO will be held at on November 8th, 4:00pm UTC. Lottery winners will be directed to Libre’s KYC provider after the results are released days prior. Feel free to register your information ahead of time here.

Each winner will be awarded a whitelisted spot for 500.00 $BUSD. You will gain to access through the platform using MetaMask and $BUSD ONLY. If you require additional assistance please visit our Telegram chat and directly message a tagged admin or moderator.


Starter* 1000 LAVAX tokens = 1 Lottery Ticket per 1000 LNCHX

Moon* 10,000–25,000 LAVAX tokens = 1 lottery ticket per 1000 + 1.5x multiplier

Boss*25,000–50,000 LAVAX tokens = 1 lottery ticket per 1000 + 2x multiplier

Hustler50,000–100,000 LAVAX tokens = 1 lottery ticket per 1000 + 3x multiplier

VIP100,000+ LAVAX tokens = 1 free allocation 1 guaranteed whitelisted addresses

OG250,000+ LAVAX tokens = 2 free allocations 3 guaranteed whitelisted addressees

*Amounts will be rounded down to the nearest 1000


You can apply for Libre’s IDO through the application form found here. Only 1 address will be accepted per applicant. Additional wallets will be disqualified.

There is much more to come!

Learn more about LavaX on our website.

Stay up to date with LavaX news and developments on our Twitter, Telegram Chat & Telegram Announcement Channel.




The Future of Launchpads

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The Future of Launchpads

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