Rebranding Overview and Libre Information

The anticipated rebranding to LavaX Labs(LAVAX) is nearing completion. As such, we wanted to take you through everything you can expect of the new platform going forward.

Anyone who has been following us closely will have seen we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a new and improved IDO launchpad to our users along with some additional features that we think LAVAX holders will be very excited about.

For the uninitiated, LavaX Labs is a multi-chain IDO launchpad that enables emerging projects to fairly launch their product and capture investment from DeFi users all over the globe.

The beauty of the launchpad is that it enables users to be able to actively participate in investing in some of the most promising early-stage projects. Such opportunities can often be restricted to private or presale investors, hence the launchpad gives power back to the retail investor via its IDOs.

This all occurs in a fair and decentralised manner utilising guaranteed allocations for the most invested and also a lottery-based system to further increase the integrity of the platform for all its users large or small and increase the safety for all contributors.

Behind the scenes, the LavaX Labs team are applying their wealth of experience from previous successful IDO launchpad projects. On top of that, the project has received some huge backing from crypto-native funds that are there to enable the success of the project from an external perspective, so that the team can get busy doing what they love… building great products for its users.

The LAVAX token is set to undergo a token swap for the new LAVAX tokens soon (more details to be announced).

We are in a multi-chain world and bridging from network to network is becoming an everyday occurrence for the average DeFi user. With this in mind, LavaX Labs have implemented a cross-chain bridge that will allow its users to deposit liquidity to the bridge and earn a handsome APR for doing so. More information on this product will be provided in a follow up article.

We believe that no matter what chain you use, the bridge will enable capital to flow into the LavaX platform allowing users from all networks to actively participate in upcoming IDOs seamlessly.

We have noted an extremely large appetite for users to be able to access a project’s tokens on other chains and to make this possible cross-chain liquidity is needed.

The team has partnered up with Fractal, an industry-leading KYC provider that will enable all users to safely participate in the IDO process, while projects will be able to have peace of mind knowing compliance has been looked after.

In the first platform version IDO participants will be part of a hybrid structure between the old lottery system and a future tiered program. The goal here is to reward those of the community that are engaged and showing their faith in us by holding our tokens in volume plus to have a process that is simplified and easy to use as the platform scales into future iterations. The tiered system for the time being will be as follows…

OG Level 250,000 LavaX tokens — will get a guaranteed allocation (x2 VIP level)

VIP Level 150,000 LavaX tokens — will get a guaranteed allocation

HUSTLER Level100,000 LavaX tokens — will get 10 lottery tickets

BOSS Level 50,000 LavaX tokens — will get 5 lottery tickets

MOON Level 25,000 LavaX tokens — will get 2 lottery ticket

STARTER LevelUnder 25,000 LavaX tokens — will get 1 lottery ticket

There will be a number of additional add-value benefits to our OG and VIP Level holders plus a lottery invite for all other levels. VIP invitations to events etc… more info to come in due course.

ATTENTION CURRENT TOKEN HOLDERS: As part of this rebrand, we plan to accelerate next month’s distribution. We have held conversations with DAOmaker and KuCoin to plan a date to distribute the public sale tokens at the same time. However, we need to finalise the final audit report and then we can announce a date, please note however, we do not control these tokens as they are held by 3rd parties, but we’re trying to make sure everyone gets their tokens at the same time or in a close period of time.

For the private sale, the team is internally discussing the private sale distribution as to how to maintain a more healthy emissions schedule.

Upcoming Libre IDO

DeFi adoption metrics are currently at all-time highs. New users have been given the opportunity to actively participate thanks to new and emerging chains such as Avalanche, BSC and Polygon.

With the cheap fees and quick confirmation times on these chains, users now are finding their feet and exploring the magical world of DeFi. The problem here is that for the average user, the process is often difficult and confusing.

If you want to provide liquidity to a protocol to earn trading fees and yield, the amount of transactions and steps it takes to do so is very cumbersome and can leave newer and often more experienced users frustrated.

Projects that seek to simplify and remove the barrier to entry in DeFi have a huge addressable market.

This is what Libre is seeking to do.

Through the innovative use of their “Liquidity Claw” product, when a user wants to provide liquidity and earn a passive yield on Libre, all they have to do is simply take an asset they wish to deposit and use their one-click function to do so.

No more multiple-step processes that confuse, create additional fees, and take up valuable time. When using Libre, the headache of all this is taken care of.

Simple, secure, and passive yield for the casual or experienced DeFi user.










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