Token Swap: Update and Details

LavaX Labs
2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Hey LavaX family! We are thrilled to share that the token swap is among us. We’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure that the process is seamless for our community and we resume bringing quality-driven IDOs to you.

Below, you will find a guide of important dates and times around the token swap to keep in mind. You will also be able to see the process itself and the stages of the token swap. We would like to ensure the entire LavaX community that if you have any questions, our team will be actively supporting the process via our Telegram channel, answering any questions you have.

➡️ Kucoin has established a cut-off time for deposits and withdrawals on FEBRUARY 16 @ 02:00 UTC.

➡️ Trading will be halted on FEBRUARY 17 @ 08:00 UTC *Please do NOT send tokens when this takes effect as your tokens will not be retrievable.

➡️ Your wallet will then be repopulated with the new token.

➡️ The order books will be repopulated. Buy and sell orders will be removed. This is estimated to last 1–2 weeks.

➡️ Liquidity will be removed and reposted with the new token. Then there will be a snapshot and tokens will be airdropped, followed by trading commencement on Kucoin.

➡️ The exact time for the on chain snapshot will be announced in the coming week.


  • February 16 @ 02:00 UTC — Time to close deposit/withdrawal.
  • February 17 @ 08:00 UTC — Time to close trading.

Cheers to a new chapter!

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